2-person FUNd-raiser December 4, 2016

2-person FUNd-raiser December 4, 2016

WANTED- 16 2-person teams for fun spiel.

Hello all,

If enough people contact me to register we will go ahead with this event.

Please forward this email to any/all people whom you might think would be interested in curling in a one day cash Bonspiel that would follow the “stick curling” rules of play. You do not have to use a stick but encourage all to give it a try, as this game is huge in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. There will be cash given out after every win however remember this is a fund raising event for our club.

This is a 2-person 6 end game whereby you are either shooting six rocks per end, while your partner skips and then in reverse.

The 4-rock rule applies even if the rock is in the rings it cannot be removed until the fourth rock. As well, for a little twist, the team with the hammer must score a point and should the end be blank that team forfeits the hammer.

The Bonspiel guarantees you 3 or 4 six-end games(to be determined), as well as, a pizza and salad for dinner and the bar will be open. Entry fee will be $100.00 per team for the first 16 teams to register for this fun spiel.

Please send me any of your thoughts and your interest in curling in this one day fun spiel. I am looking for confirmations so we can ensure this event can go forward. Please email Wayne Ficek as soon as possible and confirm your spot. Last time we ran this event the spots went fast.

Come out and support the Kenora Curling Club for this one day fun spiel open to anyone who wants to have a fun day.


Wayne Ficek
Phone 468-5305
Email wficek@shaw.ca


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