Little Rocks

For children ages 8-13.  We curl every Monday at 5:15 – 6:15 pm from November to the beginning of March.

This program is designed to give young curlers the basic skills to enjoy the game of curling in a non-competitive atmosphere. Our on-ice coaches and helpers teach the children the rules of the game, the delivery, sliding, rock release, sweeping, scoring, etc. They throw a rock that weighs about 50% of a full granite stone and will gradually advance to throwing the larger rocks once they develop form and strength.

The Little Rock Curling Program is for children ages 8-13.  We curl every Monday at 5:15 – 6:15 pm from November to the beginning of March.  The program includes a four week learn-to-curl program where basic technique is taught along with the rules and curling etiquette.  All the kids are then organized into teams for round robin play.  A fun family bonspiel is held early in the new year for all the curlers, their friends and family.

We will have an information and registration booth at Kenora’s Mass Registration held each year during the first week of school.

Items Required by Little Rockers:

  • Wear warm layered clothing and gloves
  • Clean curling or running shoes (no street shoes will be allowed on the ice)
  • Curling Brush (are available)
  • Slider (we will provide tape)
  • Hockey Helmet for safety – Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended.

If you would like to volunteer to help with the Little Rocks program, please fill out the form below. Someone will contact you to provide more details about the commitment.


Literock Junior Stones

The LiteRock junior stones are manufactured of high-tech composites to look like granite and engineered to provide all the same characteristics of a full size 40lb granite curling stone but at only half the weight. The rocks cool down in minutes making for easier storage solutions as they do not require storage on the ice. The handles are the Curlex brand handle giving you not only a variety of colours to choose from but also the option to engrave sponsors names on the handles a great fundraising tool for your club or a great way to recognize a generous donation.

These LiteRocks curl and react just like the adult stone, making them a great tool for teaching little rockers not only the technical side of the curling delivery, but also the fundamentals of how the game is played. Weight transfer on impact shows the proper angles when performing take out and raise shots.

Your little rockers will enjoy the look and feel of our LiteRocks and find them easier to throw than any other junior stone.


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