All members are encouraged to visit the NOCA website ( for COVID-19 Curling Club resources and Return to Play Guidelines. This is also posted on the Kenora Curling Club website. All curlers will need to sign a declaration of compliance, an assumption of risk agreement and the Rowan’s Law concussion awareness forms prior to play and these forms will be kept on file. These forms can be printed off the website and signed to bring to your first night of curling. We will also have forms available at the club however we are encouraging members to have this done in advance.

In conversation with our local Northwestern Health Unit it is recommended:

  1. Players participate on only one team and in only one league for the duration of the curling season (BUT that they could not enforce that an individual not play on a different team in a different league). Therefore it is recommended that the same team not play in multiple leagues.
  2. Teams be organized into groups of no more than 50 players that play amongst themselves, and those groups remain in place for the duration of the season.

  3. No inter-league or tournament play. Requests for inter-league play or travelling to other leagues need to made to the Ministry of Sport and Ministry of Health, not to local public health units.

  4. Focus on the maintenance and development of skills, and not competition.

  5. All players follow the main COVID prevention measures, including staying home when ill, regular hand hygiene, masking while indoors and not participating in vigorous physical activity, maintain physical distancing when not engaged in play, and ensuring environment cleaning and disinfection of any shared equipment.

Registration – Curlers are encouraged to visit the Kenora Curling Club website to register online as it is not possible to do this in person due to social distancing guidelines. If members require any help in the registration process please contact me and I will do my best to assist you. For those who do not have a profile from last year or have forgotten their password please text or email me and I will get you set up. Skips should also contact their league representative prior to next week to be sure they are included in the making up of the draws. Our membership fees will remain the same as last year as we understand the financial burden this pandemic has caused on many families. Payments can be divided into 3 installments again this year and made via etransfer to [email protected] or by postdated cheques dated for the first day of curling, November 1st & December 1st and handed in to League Representatives who will give to myself for processing. If our curling season has to come to an end early, members will be refunded or fees for next season will be prorated accordingly.

Locker Rooms- Signs will be posted outside the locker rooms to limit the number of people in there at a time so social distancing can be maintained (i.e. 8 in the Ladies locker room). Curlers are encouraged to come ready to play but if they need to go to the locker room curlers will wear a mask, quickly grab their equipment and exit the locker room area.

Entry and Exit – The main doors will be marked with an enter and exit door. Masks will be worn on entry.

Ice Area – Masks can be removed out on the ice surface. The ice surface will have markings to assist with where curlers should be situated during play (Curl Canada Manual Return to Play Appendix 5: Distancing Illustrations). An illustration and video example is posted on the Kenora Curling Club website and members are asked to view this before their first day of curling.

Only one person from each sheet should handle the scoreboard. Cleaning solution and hand sanitizer will be provided at both ends of every sheet in a bin. The ice technician will ensure these are full at all times. After the curling game one person from each team will be responsible to sanitize the rock handles and scoreboard. Cleaning tags will be available on every sheet to hang on rock handles and scoreboard once sanitized. If you use a broom from the broom closet it will be your responsibility to sanitize it after the game and return it to the closet. If a team needs to use the measuring tool it will be cleaned after use prior to returning it.

Bar area – The bar will be open this season. Curlers will need to wear masks until they are seated at a table.

Cleaning – All high touch surfaces will be regularly cleaned by Ice Technician, Kitchen staff and cleaning staff.

Contact Tracing – Because we will have record of members in each league only spares and restaurant patrons will need to sign in for contact tracing.

League representatives – Below is a list of each league representative if you have any questions directly related to the league you are involved in:

Monday Night Ladies:   Wilma Miller  [email protected]

                                           Crystal Wojtowicz [email protected]

Tuesday Business Girls: Shari Gentes [email protected]

Senior Men: Don Paterson [email protected]

Thursday Afternoon Ladies: Jennifer Hollins [email protected]

Thursday Night Mens: Ryan Meadows [email protected]

Friday Night Mixed: Jonathon Ranger [email protected]

The Kenora Curling Club will remain up to date on the constant changing plans due to COVID-19 and restrictions and guidelines will adjust accordingly. We as a Board are committed to providing a SAFE curling season to our members.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions. 

Crystal Wojtowicz


[email protected]


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