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Game results on March 13

A7 - M. Park A6 - M. Robertson A6 - M. Robertson won
B10 - E. Lockhart B3 - E. Neniska B3 - E. Neniska won
A9 - Hit, Stick, and Barry it! A4 - J. McGinnis A9 - Hit, Stick, and Barry it! won
B8 - K. St. Denis B5 - J. Marchand Tie
B1 - K. Lye B2 - C. German Tie
A8 - N. Hendy A5 - J. Burgelis A5 - J. Burgelis won
B6 - T. Griffiths B7 - J. Frenette B6 - T. Griffiths won
B9 - A. Dwan B4 - K. Parker Tie
A3 - R. Meadows A10 - K. Mouland A10 - K. Mouland won
A1 - J. Ranger A2 - G. Dunford Tie